5 Ways To Increase The Marketing Of Content On Facebook

Mark Zuckerburg was in his dorm at Harvard, writing the software program, for Facwemash. The purpose of this site was to have website visitors compare side by side pictures of two student. The guest’s job was to decide which person was “hot.”

Then out of the blue, Zuckerburg founded Facebook on February 4, 2004, with his Harvard roommate Eduardo Saverin. The followers of Facebook was limited to Harvard students and the surrounding colleges and into Canada.

The mysterious term algorithm is used to define how Facebook or any networking services searches or filters information. Simply put, an algorithm is a computer program that processes sets of instructions. An algorithm is based on the concept of machine learning in that a computer learns how to rewrite itself.

There is a challenge of finding a place for your content on Facebook. Facebook is all about being noticed and “liked.” The more “likes,” the more notice, which can be translated into marketing ideas and goods.

For a company to be seen on Facebook, ads must be purchased on the Facebook platform. The process is referred to as “pay to play.”

1. The Number of Shares, Likes, and Comments

There are ways of being noticed on Facebook based upon the number of “likes,” “shares” and “commenting” found on your post. Each contact point is weighted differently. Thus, have knowledge of the point system is critical.

Higher points are given for “shares” and “comments.” Therefore, your post has to be written to elicit more “shares” and “comments.” Increasing your points will give your post more notice. For instance, “shares” would be worth thirteen points, while “comments” are weighted at six points.

2. Do not Go Negative

The way to dramatically bring down your points is negative comments. Therefore, always be positive otherwise or your post will not be seen, by your targeted audience. To undo, the effects of a negative post would require 100 “likes.” Negative feedback is your guidepost to solve the cause of a negative post.

3. Increase Your Ranking

Your Facebook ads must reach an increasing relevancy score to increase your ranking on Facebook. Otherwise, your paid content will lose value. You know that your post is noticed when visitors “click” on your post. Facebook charges a company based upon the number of clicks. When ad placements are available, you will bid to receive this space. Your post is designed to use that space when visitors click on your post.

4. Ways to Increase your Content Reach

To be a successful content marketer on Facebook, you must increase your content reach by developing relationships with others that view your post, which is a classic form of networking. The ways of building content notice will also be dependent on the length of your post. If visitors spend the time viewing your longer posts, this is another way to increase your ranking.

5. Factors that Affect Reach

Factors in your ranking that affect your ranking or your reach into Facebook include your following, the amount yo your engagement, and the amount of time decay. Time decay is the amount of time your content shows on the news feed.

The best way to build your ranking is by organic means versus paid. Organic is related to how large your following is, staying positive, and using more “shares” and “comments” than likes.